David Godsey wrote:
If this is not the list to ask this question, can someone kindly direct me
to the right list.  I've been out of the FreeBSD loop for a while and just
now getting back (my vocation requires that I use linux at work).

You might try asking on freebsd-realtime@ instead, although this list is a fine place to ask questions in general.

I have seen a blurb on realtime scheduling with FreeBSD, however there
weren't many details on it.  I'm looking for things like:

1) Is it similar to an RTOS with preemption, or it is round robin?
2) What is the jitter?
3) how to use that feature.

I don't believe the main FreeBSD project is doing much with realtime directly, although some of the variants like Nano/PicoBSD had people doing RTOS using very pared-down, minimalistic, systems. And a lot of the work in 5.x and 6.x drivers to remove dependencies on the Giant kernel lock will help realtime as well as SMP situations.

You might want to be patient and wait a few days to see whether you get better, more specific responses.

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