Dear FreeBSD
I really like your OS and I want to install it on a really old Toshiba Notebook (lap-Top). It has a 4GB HDD and 64 or 32 MB RAM; Pentium II; and I don't know the other specs. While reading the installation manual I got confused. Is there a faster way for configuring all the stuff, without all of the questions; or an automatic Mouse, screen, keyboard, Ethernet configuration. On that Toshiba notebook I have installed Windows '98 and I hate it so I want a Unix/Linux type of system. A friend of mine recommended FreeBSD and I want it. Can you please supply me with a simpler installation guide. I am so worried that I won't make it trough the installation -- or later on I won't gonna be able to load the OS. I want FreeBSD to take the whole disk, so I hope that I won't gonna have to make all those partitions ( Right? ), I hope that FreeBSD will do that for me. Oh, and will FreeBSD fit in a normal 800MB CD? And I'm unsure how to start the Installation process? I need HELP NOW !!!

Thank you
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