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> On Friday 28 July 2006 23:56, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> >
> > The people who are willing to be open minded will use a mix of
> > tools from Microsoft and the rest of the world, and the people who
> > are closed minded will use tools from Microsoft, and neither is
> > going to pay any attention to whatever
> > loudmouths are bandmouthing their choices.  That's the way the
> > world has worked in the past when IBM was king people did the same
> > thing, and that's the way it will always work.
> >
> > You can stand up an be counted as an open minded person, or you can
> > use NT and stand up to be counted with the closed minded people who
> > only use Microsoft solutions.  It's your choice.
> >
> > Ted
> I don't mean to troll at all but I have to point out that I've met a
> lot of "closed minded people" who will only use FBSD solutions. :)

I know, it goes both ways.  But, you can't get folks like the poster out
of their sanctimonious ruts unless you shock some sense into them.

I've held a mirror up to him so he can see that he's doing exactly what
he's claiming in his holier-than-thou statement that everyone else shouldn't
be doing.  He can choose to continue to see himself as he thinks he is, or
he can open the eyes of knowledge and see himself as he really is, and
as the rest of us see him.

The one thing about the folks that are FreeBSD bigots is that they usually
aren't working as IT professionals, since the world demands even for the
most close-minded IT professional that they must at least use some Windows
even if in a periphery fashion.  So, those bigots can't do much damage.
But, there are quite a lot of Windows-only bigots out there who are working
in a professional capacity.  As long as those people are honest and tell
everyone up front that they are Windows bigots, it's not a problem.  But,
the ones that claim that they are OS-agnostic, then always seem to use
MS solutions because they are "better" or "the best tool for the job" those
are the dishonest ones that do a great deal of damage.


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