Steven Lake wrote:
> Looking for some help in this rather baffling issue.  I'm trying to get a new 
> mail server setup with webmail capabilities (via squirrelmail) and I'm 
> hitting a little snag. Squirrelmail says that the imap server won't accept 
> plain text passwords, yet I compiled from source for plaintext using "make -E 
> WITHOUT_SSL" and I also tried "make -E WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT". Neither 
> worked. Squirrelmail still complains saying that the imap server doesn't 
> allow plaintext passwords.
> Any idea what I can do to fix this? Is it a config file I have to change or 
> something? I don't want nor need to do ssl for logins as this will be located 
> on a secure lan, so I'd like to avoid all the crazy stuff that comes with 
> doing an SSL setup. Any help is appreciated.

You're forgetting to assign values to your variables.

# make -E WITHOUT_SSL=yes




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