On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 08:53:48PM +0000, Ivan Levchenko wrote:
> Have a little question to which google didn't help a lot.
> I have pf firewall working great. i installed pftop to see whats going
> on in real time. I see some state meanings that i would like to know
> more about, for example no_traffic.
> I looked in the man pages and what not, but could not find what i was
> looking for.

Pftop assumes you have some knowledge of pf. Pf assumes you have some
knowledge of networking. I think you are right that there's nowhere that
really explains what these states are in realtion to pf.

The STATE column in pftop (or "pfctl -s state") has two sides, one for
each endpoint. The state SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC is something I see a lot
using symon/symux, where a udp datagram is sent and there is no reply
(it's merely accepted). You will also see a lot of
are not really specific to pf, and will be documented in various
references online and in books. Most of the states you will see have to
do with TCP connections being build, or as established, or being torn
down. Google for Transmission Control Protocol and you should find what
you're looking for (and WAY more).

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