Try these methods of 'minimising' FreeBSD

FWIW - I run 4.11 in 20M of a 32M Compact Flash card
with the build described here

The box acts as a network health monitor with SNMP and fping
utilities running, has a DHCP server running, a GSM modem daemon
and has about 100+ of the 'common' base install utilities an board.
Like tcpdump, vi, grep, comm, awk, the shells csh and sh ....
I have partitioned the CF card to have a 2M configuration partition
that is made writeable by rc.shutdown to save a list of my
.conf files and .sh files.

And I believe that you can run PERL in the 32M space if you want to 
add it to the build list...

If you need 5.x or 6.x try these   for 5.x  for 6.x


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> Subject: How big a flashrom for a minimal freebsd install?
> I"m toying with the idea of setting up a mini-itx server so I 
> can move the dns and firewall daemons off of the fileserver 
> so I can turn it off.  I'm thinking I want to get a flashrom 
> ide adaptor so that I can swap setups on the thing by 
> swapping cards.  I don't see myself using 4GB flash cards for 
> this.  I'd rather get smaller cheaper cards.  How big is a 
> minimal freebsd install?
> Chris
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