User Freebsd wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Colin Percival wrote:
>> Approximately 15000 portsnap snapshots (i.e., /var/db/portsnap or
>> /usr/local/portsnap directories) are being kept updated on systems
>> which send HTTP requests to portsnap*  Of these, about
>> 4300 are running FreeBSD 6.0, 4500 are running FreeBSD 6.1, 2400
>> are running FreeBSD 6-STABLE, 300 are running FreeBSD 5.5, and the
>> remaining 3500 are using copies of portsnap installed from the ports
>> tree (presumably on earlier FreeBSD releases, since the portsnap
>> port won't install if portsnap is already part of the FreeBSD base
>> system).
> 'k, *this* sounds like it might be perfect ... would it be possible to
> get a copy of the portsnap logs to see about setting up some sort of
> auto-parse?  Maybe setup some statistics and graphs?

You mean something like ?

> BTW, is portsnap meant to replace cvsup, or ... ? Or are we still only
> getting "half the picture" if we look at portsnap only?

There are still a lot of people (particularly on pre-6.0 systems) who
are using CVSup rather than portsnap for updating their ports trees.

Colin Percival
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