did you buildworld before you recompiled sendmail? ive found that if i buildworld, that before i recompile sendmail (to implement sasl2) that i have to make clean on my /usr/src, or else make will try to use what was already recompiled for sendmail during the buildworld.


This is a relatively fresh install, and I did update my ports with portsnap / portmanager, then cvsuped src-all and ran buildworld before playing around with this. I did not run make clean before the buildworld process though. I did attempt to rebuild just sendmail after I started having these problems:

cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail
make clean
make depend
make install

Nothing changed though.

I was thinking on this a bit further, and although I don't have any of the error messages, I believe I was running into similar issues with Postfix last week. The box in question died on me, I don't have a battery backup and we had a brownout. While fscking the system because of the first brownout, we had a second, which rendered the box useless. I recall moving the unused sasl mechanisms out of /usr/local/lib/sasl2 into a "deactivated" directory (per some how-tos), and ended up with plain being the only mechanism left, and Postfix started giving error messages about no mechanisms available and couldn't seem to find plain text. I figured I screwed something up with Postfix, and went back to sendmail for this install until I had more time to play around with Postfix. I'll try the make clean / buildworld thing tonight to see if that helps, and post back if it doesn't.

Best regards,
Greg Groth
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