On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Colin Percival wrote:

User Freebsd wrote:
On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Colin Percival wrote:
Approximately 15000 portsnap snapshots (i.e., /var/db/portsnap or
/usr/local/portsnap directories) are being kept updated on systems
which send HTTP requests to portsnap*.freebsd.org.  Of these, about
4300 are running FreeBSD 6.0, 4500 are running FreeBSD 6.1, 2400
are running FreeBSD 6-STABLE, 300 are running FreeBSD 5.5, and the
remaining 3500 are using copies of portsnap installed from the ports
tree (presumably on earlier FreeBSD releases, since the portsnap
port won't install if portsnap is already part of the FreeBSD base

'k, *this* sounds like it might be perfect ... would it be possible to
get a copy of the portsnap logs to see about setting up some sort of
auto-parse?  Maybe setup some statistics and graphs?

You mean something like http://www.daemonology.net/portsnap/stats.html ?

Not really ... more interested in a simpler graph / #s that denote # of distinct hosts for each version of FreeBSD each month ... depending on the amount of data you can pull out of the logs, getting #s per country, and #s per top level domain (ie. yahoo.com) would be cool too ...


  "gathering the access logs for portsnap.daemonology.net,
   portsnap1.freebsd.org, and portsnap2.freebsd.org"

Are those the *only* portsnap servers, or are there more? Again, the idea is to get a complete, and as accurate as possible, picture ...

There are still a lot of people (particularly on pre-6.0 systems) who are using CVSup rather than portsnap for updating their ports trees.

Actually, I'm ashamed to say that I'm still using CVSup also ... going to work on getting myself switched over too ...

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