Joao Barros wrote:
And on the subject, has anyone noticed this email from someone
@Promise to the scsi mailing list?

I wanted to reply about this post but I'm hesitating because I know there are more people who talk than act and I can only talk because I wouldn't know how to act here. Still...

Assuming it's genuine Promise are offering to supply a driver for FreeBSD. The responder points them to the send-pr doc (unfortunately with a broken link but that is not my point.) The reply is a typical laconic freebsd reply which would be sufficient for another freebsd user. However this is an offer which could possibly be considered gold dust since it is a hardware manufacturer offering to work with FreeBSD. I wanted to ask if there is some sort of channel whereby he could be given active support so that he doesn't just go away because he thinks nobody is particularly interested.

Of course maybe someone has already responded off list in which case very sorry for the noise.


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