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> On Jul 30, 2006, at 11:11 PM, Born, Clinton wrote:
> > Please explain? Because I like people to have an objective view
> > when it
> > comes to making technology decisions. We've made bad technology work,
> > and I've seen free software cost more than the most expensive
> > Microsoft
> > license. Too many variables are involved and anyone evangelizing a
> > single system should be viewed with skepticism..  Is this what you
> > mean
> > buy out of touch?
> The comparison to Hezbollah.  There is not one item to compare
> between "tech fanatics" and Hezbollah -- only contrast.
> I personally am not an Open Source (O.S.) weenie, and some folks are
> O.S. fanatics etc (usually you find these in the Linux fan-boy club
> but they probably exist everywhere) but I have yet to see a MS
> solution that was the best solution to a given problem.

I have, plenty of times.  MS is the best solution for an application
program that won't run on any other platform than Windows.

No that's called vendor lock-in. I make it a point to buy & recommend
software that will run on at least two different platforms. People who
can code on multiple platforms are usually more experienced and
produce better code and are more willing to port to other platforms
and work with you.

Here's my decision tree:
Multi-platform FOSS, if none then:
Multi-platform propriety, if none then:
Uni-platform FOSS, if none then:
Uni-platform propriety.

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