'k, I finally got ahold of someone @ adaptec, and the official word seems to be:

"FreeBSD 6 is not officially supported for the "GDT" based ICP RAID
 controllers. Nevertheless the inbox driver should work."

Great, well, the inbox driver doesn't work with FreeBSD 6.x, and support doesn't exist to get it fixed, mainly since, as most ppl here know, the specs are closed, so even a non-Adaptec person can't do much to fix the problem(s) ...

For those that haven't been following the discussion on this, the iir(4) driver in FreeBSD 6.x appears to have a deadlock issue under medium to heavy load, where the 'blocked' state just continues to rise until file accesses just no longer work ...

So, if you are running a server that is using the iir(4) device driver and are considering upgrading to FreeBSD 6.x and beyond, or are looking to build a new machine using a device that relies on this driver, do so at your own peril ...

Please note that this deadlock issue exists on *both* the ICP Vortex cards, *and* the Intel based RAID controllers ...

If anyone from Adaptec is out there and is actually interested in seeing this problem fixed, *please* let me know ... I have three servers, all three exhibiting this problem, and one of them is fully loaded with the kernel debug stuff so that I can (I think) give you almost *anything* you want in the way of information concerning the problem ...

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