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I have a remote server, running the above RAID controller, that, as most ppl here have seen over the past few weeks, is causing endless headaches ...

Official word from Adaptec is that FreeBSD is no longer a supported platform, so, I either live with the deadlocks, or try and figure out a suitable replacement for the card ...

So, can anyone recommend a card to replace this with? Its a remote server, so I'm looking for something that will be plug-n-play, same slot that the GDT is in ... I realize that I'll have to reformat the server afterwards ...

You may want to consider the LSI MegaRAID cards... There are various ones. Do you need the low profile format? Look at the 320-1lp for that otehrwise the 320-1 or 320-2x

They have freebsd drivers and a command line management app.

I am looking at this to replace an adaptec 2200s eventually (for different reasons than the OP).

I have not used the SCSI LSI MegaRAID cards through I have some of their SATA RAID cards.


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