Tyler Spivey wrote:
Hello. I'm interested in moving my server from linux to freeBSD, but
have several questions:
2. Can Ufs handle crashes very well, or is a very long fsck needed like
the old ext2 days?

Usually fsck will run in the background after boot has finished. On very hard crashes you may have to boot into single user to fix it. To avoid this, make sure that the base system is on a separate partition, you may even want to mount it read-only for security. (I think these are good advises on any system).

3. is the restriction of NFS-servers only mounting on partition
boundaries going to be removed in the future, if it even still exists?

You can export an entire partition, with -alldirs option you can mount any sub directory with the permissions for that partition, eg:

  /home -alldirs -network

You can also export directories individually, but there are some restrictions, exporting two directories on the same filesystem to the same host must have the same permissions. Eg:

  /var/diskless/FreeBSD -ro -maproot=root:wheel -network
  /var/diskless/clt-1/var -maproot=root:wheel
  /var/diskless/clt-1/tmp -maproot=root:wheel

This works fine despite the first being -ro and the others -rw, because the first line exports to a network and not the host, and the second two have same permissions and mappings. But

  /var/diskless/FreeBSD -ro -maproot=root:wheel -network
  /var/diskless/clt-1/var -maproot=root:wheel

doesn't, because of the missing maproot in the last export line.

Cheers, Erik
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