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> Generating a unique anonymous key is easy, proving why we need it is not.
That's how we can tell the differences between server to server.

> Ok, here it is, " ifconfig | sha256 | md5 ". 16^32 unique anonymous
> keys. Every host needs to have a NIC to send results so all ifconfig
> outputs will be different. Now... What does this solve and why do we
> need to add 32 extra bytes?
I guess we are not suppose to generate the key from ifconfig, which
will change in some circumstances.

> (20 + 32) bytes * (10^7) = 495.910645 megabytes. The FreeBSD team
> would need a 6.6Mbit/s uplink to handle peak load assuming 50% of the
> hosts are set to UTC/GMT time and all trigger within 5 minutes of each
> other.... I'm not going to pay for that connection.
That IS the problem.  What about randomize it in a certain interval?

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