In the last episode (Aug 01), Robert Huff said:
> Micah writes:
> >  > I `ve got a spam problem and want to run a spamfilter. There is
> >  > only a problem i don`t no witch spamfilter to choose. Can anyone
> >  > give me a tip of a good and simple to run spamfilter???
> >  
> >  I'm running SpamAssassin and spamass-milter. They seem to do an
> >  okay job.
> While I run (and like) this combination myself, there are at least
> two caveats of which one ought to be aware:
> 1) spamd (part of SpamAssassin) is written in perl.  This is fine for
> a workstation, not so much for a high-volume mail server.

Luckily, most of spamassassin's CPU is spent in startup, so per-message
costs in daemon mode, although high, aren't anywhere near what they are
when you run spamassassin directly.  You can also put your spamd on a
different machine from your email server to separate the load.

> 2) installing spamass-milter requires rebuilding sendmail.  (I have
> no idea about other MTAs.) This usually sounds more frightening than
> it is, but can still lead to complications.

You shouldn't have had to rebuild sendmail; some OSes don't ship a
libmilter with their sendmail, but FreeBSD does.

        Dan Nelson
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