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Hi, Igor&All.

> On 7/10/06, Derek Ragona <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Firstly I asked chipest HARDWARE raid.... MB doesn't has contained
Why dont you wish use geom_mirror if 3Ware card is expensive for you?

Because I hoped buy (at least not true hardware) raid adapter on which I can
create some logical device(fat32 contained more than 100Gb of  mp3's&films),
which  will clear visible under windows xp and FreeBSD. My girl prefers
windows, I -- FreeBSD:) But each other of us likes music:)

My summary:
- true hardware raids like 3ware is expensive for me for home.
- external software raid or simple sataII/sata300 controllers have same
    there are no stable drivers for FreeBSD

I have played w/ sil3112(wow!!!!:)) and Promise...:(

At the moment I playing w/ Promise SATAII TX2plus(it's just controller
I have setuped gmirror.
But driver has stability problem. (I have tried 6.1-stable, today I upgraded
my home box to -current).
Sometimes I see setfeatures messages warnings and i/o stops on disks,
connected to promise controller.
I will investigate it then send bugreports to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thank you.

Best wishes, Coredumped.
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