On 8/1/06, Gerard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

"jan gestre" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> it took almost 3 hours, i don't have X installed. i'm sending you the
> portmanager.log in private coz it might clutter the thread.

You have a warning message listed here:

Tue Aug  1 04:38:03 2006
options changed so returning        php4-mbstring-4.4.2_2
    /converters/php4-mbstring            to out of date pool

I have never seen the "options changed so returning ..." message before.
I am going to check an see if I can find out what it means.

In the mean time, have your tried running pkgdb -F and just deleting the
bad references? By the way, is this a fresh install, or has it been up
for awhile? Did you ever delete any packages from the system?

the box's running for almost 2 months now setup as webmail server, the
only thing i removed was the linux compatible applications since i have no
plans of installing linux. i ran pkgdb -F and pkgdb -fu to no avail, after
doing cvsup this morning, ran portsdb -Uu, i still see those message looking
for packages that wasn't even installed. i don't see any strange behavior
for the server except those mentioned here. could these be detrimental?

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