On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Bill Moran wrote:

   However, I use svscan to start up dnscache, and that starts very late in
the boot. That means I can't just have the single "nameserver"
line in resolv.conf, as every lookup would timeout until dnscache started.
That means I need to replace resolv.conf early in the boot with the
addresses of remote dns caches:

Have you investigated the possibility of moving svscan's startup earlier in
the boot sequence?  I don't know whether the svscan startup script is rcng
compliant yet, but if it is, you could move it to /etc/rc.d and move it
_way_ up in the startup sequence.

I think it is rcng compliant. However, once in /etc/rc.d, how is the order of execution determined? I expect I will need to get it to run about the same time that named is usually started.

Another option is to put addresses that need to resolve before svscan has
started into /etc/hosts so that they don't need DNS.  This could be
a maintenance nightmare, though, if there are many addresses.

That sounds like a nightmare :(

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