Garance A Drosehn wrote:

> On August 1/2006, I (Garance) wrote:
> >
> >Check to see if you have multiple versions of 'lpr'
> >running.  *If* you do, then the results that you see
> >will probably depend on which version you run.
> What I meant to say was:  Check to see if you have
> multiple versions of `lpr' *installed*.  See what
> you get from the command:
>      type -a lpr

I just tried running apsfilter again. It successfully printed out a test
page. However, when I told it to install the information into the
/etc/printcap file, this error message was displayed:

Aug  2 06:58:51 seibercom checkpc[27640]: lp: Checkwrite: fcntl F_SETFL of 
'/dev/null' failed - Inappropriate ioctl for device
** done.

What is that all about?

This is the contents of the /etc/printcap file:

# APS1_BEGIN:printer1
# - don't delete start label for apsfilter printer1
# - no other printer defines between BEGIN and END LABEL
# APS1_END - don't delete this


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