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> On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Bill Moran wrote:
> >>    However, I use svscan to start up dnscache, and that starts very late in
> >> the boot. That means I can't just have the single "nameserver"
> >> line in resolv.conf, as every lookup would timeout until dnscache started.
> >> That means I need to replace resolv.conf early in the boot with the
> >> addresses of remote dns caches:
> >
> > Have you investigated the possibility of moving svscan's startup earlier in
> > the boot sequence?  I don't know whether the svscan startup script is rcng
> > compliant yet, but if it is, you could move it to /etc/rc.d and move it
> > _way_ up in the startup sequence.
> I think it is rcng compliant. However, once in /etc/rc.d, how is the order 
> of execution determined? I expect I will need to get it to run about the 
> same time that named is usually started.

Have a look at the man page for rcorder.  IIRC, that covers it pretty well.

> > Another option is to put addresses that need to resolve before svscan has
> > started into /etc/hosts so that they don't need DNS.  This could be
> > a maintenance nightmare, though, if there are many addresses.
> That sounds like a nightmare :(
>    Cheers.

It was a thought.

Bill Moran
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