In the last episode (Aug 02), Scott Oertel said:
> Dan Nelson wrote:
> >In the last episode (Aug 02), Scott Oertel said:
> >>Yesterday after an fsck a file was placed in the lost+found folder
> >>which size was exactly the size of the drive (450gb). What is the
> >>safest way to remove this file?
> >
> >If its timestamp updates when you touch a file on the main
> >filesystem, it's most likely a snapshot file, either leftover from a
> >failed background fsck, or manually created by you with mksnap_ffs. 
> >You can just delete it.
> The time stamp doesn't update, it gives an error: touch: #00000005:
> Operation not permitted

I mean touch some other file :)

But I just remembered the correct way to determine if a file is a
snapshot: "ls -lo".  If the flags field contains the word "snapshot"
for that file, it's a snapshot.

        Dan Nelson
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