On Wednesday 02 August 2006 16:58, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I followed some advice on how to get higher resolutions on the console
> for my 1280x1024 LCD monitor.
> I recompiled the kernel with
> options VESA
> options SC_PIXEL_MODE
> After a vidcontrol MODE_282 I get a 1280x1024 console.
> Nice, but the characters are just "fat" compared to the chars I get in
> Xorg running the same resolution setting (those terminal chars are very
> sharp).
> Furthermore it "feels" as though the screen has become a little slower
> then without vesa and sc_pixel_mode (in the console). Can this be? Or
> is this just my imagination.
> The console resolution has to be delt with because the default font is
> really HUGE ;-)
> Question: is VESA the way to go or is it better to leave this out of
> the kernel and do just something with the buildin "-f" (font) in
> vidcontrol. I have font8x8/8x14/8x16 in my /etc/rc.conf
> Your comments and advise please.

Maybe other mode from "vidcontrol -i mode" will be suitable for You.

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