Am 27.07.2006 um 09:17 schrieb Tyler Spivey:

Hello. I'm a blind user, and was wondering how to get 6.1-release to
install over serial. I've tried everything - hitting option 6, space,
boot -h <cr>, but nothing happens. unplugging the keyboard, nothing
happens. hitting space and typing boot -h - nothing. This is using a
cdrom disc1.
Any help would be appreciated.

When the boot menu appears, exit out of it by typing 6. At the loader prompt, enter
set console="comconsole"

The console should switch to COM1; then you should be able to boot using the "boot" command. You can change the speed of the serial port by setting comconsole_speed to the desired baud rate. The loader man page has more info on these two variables: man.cgi?query=loader&apropos=0&sektion=0&manpath=FreeBSD+6.1- RELEASE&format=html

After having finished the install, you can use the same method to temporarily switch to the comconsole on first boot. Then, you probably want to a a file /boot.config with a single line "-Dh" to enable dual console (video+serial).

Also useful: if you decide to install FreeBSD's master boot record (boot0) in sector 0 of your disk (that gives you the opportunity to select which of the foour primary partitions to boot from by pressing F1 to F4), there's also a variant that works over the serial console. You can put this on using FreeBSD boot0cfg(8): cgi/man.cgi?query=boot0cfg&apropos=0&sektion=0&manpath=FreeBSD+6.1- RELEASE&format=html


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