At 12:43 AM 1.7.2003 -0500, Adam Maas wrote:
>Definitely keep them included, but not so closely tied to the core
>installation. Perhaps take a page from Slackware, which includes them by
>default, even on a minimal install, but you can manually deselect them if
>you don't wish sendmail (or bind, etc).
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>Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 12:37 AM
>Subject: Re: Postfix vs. Sendmail
>> Not to miss out on the party either, but I'd like it on record that there
>> are also people, like me, who like things like sendmail and Perl, etc,
>> included in the FreeBSD distribution. :) I had to install these packages
>> anyway, and found it very useful to see them already included.
>> I recompiled sendmail, a bit later, as I wanted SASL support; but still,
>> having the full source already present (which you know is certified to
>> compile properly, as it came with the distribution), was a big help.
>> As far as I'm concerned, include as much as you can. :)
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>> we wouldn't call it code." - FedEx

This is a GREAT product and I also cast a vote to stay the course and leave
sendmail, et al in there. Certainly have not been bothered by any of it.
Like an earlier post -- guess you'll just have to "roll your own".

Wouldn't this be a topic for advocacy anyway....??

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

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