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> Hi,
> I have burned 3 iso images on CDs:
> FreeBSB 6.1 disk1
> FreeBSB 6.1 disk2
> FreeBSB 6.1 Boot
> All of them i386
> I have Compaq workstation that is currently running Windows2000
> Problem:
> Desktop would not boot with FreeBSB 6.1Boot. I have tried FreeBSBDisk1 - 
> same result. What am I doing wrong. Please HELP!
> The boot order in BIOS -  CD Rom first

Statistically, the most common reason for this problem is that the CD was
burned incorrectly.  Many people accidentally (or without understanding)
will burn the .iso file to the CD as a file and not as an _image_.  If
you throw the CD into your Windows machine and it shows that there is one
big file on it, you've made this mistake.

If that's the case, you'll need to recreate the CD using the "create CD
from image" feature of your burning software.  How to do this is
different for each software.

If it turns out that this is your problem and you can't figure out how
to burn the CD correctly, feel free to ask on the list -- I'm sure
someone else has used your software and can give you clear instructions.

If that isn't your problem, post back and we'll try to find another
possible solution.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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