At 08:53 PM 1.6.2003 -0800, Adam Lofstedt wrote:
>> >Well, not to be left out of the party, here's the way I've 
>> done for as 
>> >long as I can remember:
>> >
>> ><snip/> (# are from from the aliases file)
>> ># Pretty much everything else in this file points to "root", so
>> ># you would do well in either reading roots mailbox or forwarding
>> ># roots email from here.
>> >
>> >root:           sageame                     # On this server
>> >sageame:        [EMAIL PROTECTED]      # Another 
>> domain on another server
>> >
>> ># In the above example, I first send root to a normal user 
>> account (may 
>> >be redundant). # I also put include files which contain outside and 
>> >inside accounts
>> >
>> ># Test include file list
>> >sendtest::include:/etc/mail/sendtest        # a test file
>> >
>> ></snip>
>> >
>> >Then run # newaliases -- should work
>> >
>> >I suggest you try the above "sendtest" used as follows below 
>> which runs 
>> >on the console verbose and you can see what it the mail 
>> system is doing 
>> >and perhaps see the problem:
>> >
>> ># mail -v -s test sendtest < /dev/null
>> >
>> >where include is a list from /etc/aliases <=====
>> >    ...
>> >    sendtest        :include:/etc/sendtest <=====
>> >
>> ooops! The above path is wrong <===== & should be:
>>      sendtest::include:/etc/mail/sendtest
>> I have it in the real aliases example further above. 
>> Hope this didn't confuse all the more. But, the sendtest 
>> should show some info on the console as to what it is doing 
>> or not doing.
>> Best regards,
>> Jack L. Stone,
>> Administrator
>> SageOne Net
>Thanks Jack.  That didn't work.  This is what I got:
>forcefield# mail -v -s test sendtest < /dev/null
>Null message body; hope that's ok
>sendtest... Connecting to via relay...
>sendtest... Deferred: Operation timed out with
>I think something else is wrong here.  This is on a dual-homed gateway
>running ipf and ipnat.  For testing purposes I made the ipf.rules simply
>pass in all and pass out all, and then I am mapping my external address
>on external NIC to my internal network.  In ipnat.rules I am redirecting
>port 25 of the external interface to port 25 of my internal network's
>This seems like a standard gateway setup.  I'm not sure how/why it would
>affect sendmail running on the gateway machine.  I just can't understand
>why I can telnet into port 25 and get a response from
>sendmail, but then when I try to send a mail out, it can't connect to
>the localhost.
>Please don't give up on me!  I know this is probably a pretty boring

If sendmail is configured properly in rc.conf as previously discussed, now
I really suspect the firewall. Have you tried to simply open the firewall
completely (drop all rules) while doing the testing...? At least a
wide-open FW will eliminate that as being the culprit. I don't remember
whether this was already suggested.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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