On Thursday 03 August 2006 19:46, Yousef Raffah wrote:
> I like to watch movies and clips alot, so a 15.4" is not really and
> impressive or a great option, therefore, I wanted to be able to plug my
> laptop to the Samsung TV at home through an S-Video cable in order to
> watch the movies.
> However, I was not able to properly configure xorg.conf and I googled
> for S-Video and xorg but most of the results I found were Linux related
> (although I doubt it would make a big difference) but none worked with
> me. My xorg.conf is appended.
> If I connect my laptop to the TV while my X is running and fn+F5 my TV
> screen tries to display X but the screen keeps on flickering. I tried
> shutting down X, connecting and fn+F5 it works fine but after I start X
> again, it keeps on flickering :(

Take a look at the http://gatos.sf.net
Maybe this solve Your problem.

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