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> I can ping from the gateway box nic to the internet ok. I can ping from 
> the Test box to the Lan side of the gateway box OK. I cant reach the 
> internet thru the gateway. I have read probably 5 howtos from the 
> FreeBSD hand book and elsewhere and none are exactly what I am doing.

A properly designed DSL/ATM modem or router is not going to allow
private IP addresses onto the public internet. So you can not get thru
the FreeBSD gateway without NAT to map 192.168/16 to the gateway
external IP address.

At the very least you need to enable gateway and NAT. One way to do NAT
is with IPFW.

in /etc/rc.conf I have:

firewall_enable="YES"           # Set to YES to enable firewall functionality
firewall_type="client"          # really ought to remove this from custom script
firewall_script="/etc/dmk.firewall"     # my custom script
natd_enable="YES"               # Enable natd (if firewall_enable == YES).
natd_interface="fxp1"           # the external interface to place nat'ed packets
natd__flags="-f /etc/natd.conf" # some natd config
gateway_enable="YES"            # both natd and gateway needed

/etc/natd.conf looks like this:

interface fxp1
log_facility security
punch_fw        4900:99 

punch_fw defines where dynamic rules are inserted in my ipfw ruleset to support 

/etc/dmk.firewall is only a modified version of the stock rc.firewall.

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