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maybe it's just because I've been reading up on it but what about outputting the information in XML??? Then you could tag the Vendor, Name, basic info, number of users, etc. in a tagged form that could be then stored in a Dbase of some kind by vendor, working in FreeBSD X.Y, broken, etc. The XML should be easily outputted on the fly to XHTML so it can be reviewed by devolopers and what not. Just my too cents...

'k, right now, we are trying to get the data from the remote clients to a central server ... if you are thinking of using XML for this (not against it, I just know nothing about it), can you provide an example of what you are thinking, and how we'd script this to use HTTP to connect to the remote server?

The hard part of all of this is that it cannot require *anything* except for the base system, so no php, no perl ... just pure shell commands ... it cannot require an administrator to install anything above the script itself ...

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