Hi all

I'm turning to this list as well to inquire about the VISA-CISP


We are looking for someone to host our new site and the vendor told me due to
VISA's new security the fee for a dedicated server would be 500 U$D per

I'm pretty oblivious in the web hosting world ,  but that seems VERY high.


This is what our website needs to support

Here is what we need:

- PHP 4.4+ or 5+
- MySQL 4.1+ or greater
- Apache 1.3+ with mod_rewrite enabled
- Linux-based
- SSL certificate for www.familycareintl.org
- Support for configurable automated tasks (i.e,. cron jobs)

(*) PHP must have the mcrypt module enabled.  It should ideally be set up to
run as an Apache module, not a CGI module (however, this is not a
requirement).  We must be able to send mail using PHP's mail() function,
which requires a functioning mail server.

In order to accommodate the size of uploads that FCI wants, we'll need PHP
configured to accept file uploads of up to 60 MB.

I think that's about it.

Jean-Paul Natola
Network Administrator
Information Technology
Family Care International
588 Broadway Suite 503
New York, NY 10012
Phone:212-941-5300 xt 36
Fax:  212-941-5563

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