Adam Lofstedt wrote:
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Right, I don't care.  I just want to get root's emails out of there.
Basically I'm trying to send root's emails outbound from the gateway
through the internal interface to my internal mail server.  The gateway
uses my internal name server to resolve names, so nothing should even be
going out the external interface of the box.

Can you telnet internal_mailserver 25?
Yes I can telnet to it from the gateway.  Definately my internal mail
server is not the problem, as it is working normally.

Does it work if you turn off NAT and the redirect?
Nope.  I flushed all the rules, my ipnat.rules in empty and my ipf.rules
is pass in all and pass out all.
These two answers suggest that it may be a problem with the local sendmail config, then.

Can you try making sendmail setuid-root for a bit (and move /etc/mail/ out of the way, IIRC) to test whether that makes a difference? Or you could cvsup and/or get sendmail-8.12.7 from and use their "sh ./Build install-set-user-id".

I'm not suggesting you should run setuid-root on a long-term basis, but it would be good to identify or eliminate this as a potential problem. Of course, rebuilding sendmail may be more overhead than it's worth, too.


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