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pciconf -lv needs to be parsed, this being the hard step, into a string that can be sent via HTTP ... this is the hard part because it has to be done as/in a shell script ... anyone out there *really* good at shell programming?

See my comment in the other thread -- you don't need any of the text details, all yo uneed are teh class/card/chip/rev/hdr fields. The bits before it would be helpful to identify what drivers are attached on different versions (and also to see what drivers people disable vs leave enabled for bits of their hardware).

Optimally, we'd love to have everyone report pciconf information, since knowing what vendors and devices are in use would definitely add more weight then *just* what version of FreeBSD, but in order to hopefully get as much "buy into" this as possible, the script should be written to allow it to be disabled ... again, I can't think of why someone would feel that that was 'sensitive information', but providing the option to shut it off is definitely a must ...

Agreed - if someone wants to stand up and be counted, but they feel details of their hardware choices to be a gross violation of their personal privacy, then we shouldn't put that in their way as a barrier to adoption.


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