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I was thinking of that ... my concern, and it may be totally invalid, but is it guaranteed to always translate the same? ie:


Will that always translate the same regardless of running 4.x vs 5.x vs ... ? If so, you are right, that does greatly simplify things ... I just wasn't 100% certain ...

The text may change slightly, but if anything, wouldn't it be better if all your stats consistently referred to the same device IDs with the same strings?

A vendor name may be updated in the list (company gets bought out, renamed, etc), but I'm fairly sure nothing ever gets *removed* from the list - it just grows as new devices and vendors are added over time.

The important information is the ID numbers -- the text attached to them will always be the same in meaning, even if the text may vary a few letters here or there (ie. a device ID that was a Pro/1000 NIC won't suddenly turn into a Realtek 8139 one day).

The non-verbose information is all you need for building a stats database. Your stats database can have its own database of the pcidevs.txt imported periodically, and link the information up at display time.

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