I wanted to set the user default directory chroot'ed for ftp-session. So, I 
created user/group: "user1/group1", and wrote the following lines to the 
configuration fles:

- /etc/ftpusers:
user1:group1 allow chroot

- /etc/ftpchroot
user1:group1 allow

- /etc/ftpd.conf
chroot allow /usr/home/user1/FTP_DIR

I successfully logged in to the ftp as a "user1", and then used "pwd" and got:
So, I logged in as a real user, without "chroot".
I would highly appreciate, if someone explained me what was wrong with my 

The home directory and below are with "ugo=rwx" access rights.
I use FreeBSD 6.1.

Many thanks to all!
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