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>     I have installed FreeBSD 5.4 on P1 Super Socket 7 system (533
> mhz.)  I have installed 2 Adaptec Ana-6944 cards, these cards have 4
> ports on each.  I have a seperate D Link card, that is supported.  My
> question is, all the online documentation has indicated the usage for
> the natd daemon is used for Network Address Translation, however it
> doesnt indicate weather I can use all 8 ports ( 4 from each card) as
> LAN ports, with the DLink's connection as the WAN port.  Is this
> possible?

If you can configure all 8 ports with ifconfig,
you shouldn't have any problems using them for NAT.

If you want to use all internal ports in the same network,
I suggest you only give on of them an IP address, configure
it for NAT and then use if_bridge to connect it with the other
ones. Otherwise you could run into routing problems.

Note that you don't have to use natd for NAT,
you can also use PF and safe some cpu time.
If your system has other work to do and you have
lots of connections, it could make a difference.


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