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Hi all,

Have a bit of an issue here:

Just started using a .bash_logout script to handle
doing my unison commands whenever I logout at end of day so I don't forget to sync my local homedir to my server before I head home.

Works fine as long as I just do a "# exit" when I'm

But more often than not, I do a "# sudo shutdown -p

The problem with that though, is that the shutdown
process runs as root, and just drops the system, and I'm never actually getting logged out as much as booted out. So my .bash_logout doesn't run, and thus no unison unless I remember to run it manually first.

Any ideas on how to work around this sitch?


Instead of using .bash_logout, why don't you create a
script that runs all of your logout tasks and then
ends with 'sudo shutdown -p now'?
That's a good idea; I'll probably end up doing something like that; I was actually thinking of of just making bash aliases for reboot and shutdown, I guess that would do the same thing. The other problem though I just discovered is that that will work fine if I'm just in on a console, but if I'm running XFCE, and choose reboot or shutdown from xfce's exit menu, that won't work. If I can't find a way to get xfce to use my exit script(s), then I guess I'll just have to get into the habit of bailing out to a console first before shutting down.

Andrew L. Gould

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