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Personally, it'd be fantastic if mc was slated for inclusion. It's an
absolute necessary install once I get a system up and running.

The thing is, once you go down this route it won't stop. Other people regard
bash, or lsof, or vim, or wget as an "absolute necessary install". bash gets
put on all our boxes because three of my colleagues prefer it. For them it
is essential - they won't use csh. I regard Tcl as an "absolute necessary
install" as that is my chosen scripting language. I put it on every box I
use (even Windows). And that's the problem. As I personally don't use mc
it's inclusion would be wasted on me. And if Tcl was included it would be
wasted on many (most!) other people.

I have to say I absolutely enjoy using FreeBSD, more so than any other OS.
And part of that joy comes from the few minutes installation for the base

I used to use Redhat. My first outing with that was version 4.2. Then as
time went on it no longer fitted on a single CD (after 6.2 IIRC.) And the
clutter and junk it installed (presumably because someone thought it was
essential or useful) was just appalling.

IMHO the base install is best left lean like it is now - the only additions
should provide additional OS functionality, not user functionality.

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