Scott Long wrote this message on Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 09:35 -0600:
> FreeBSD.  Making big statements in public that they don't, or that it's
> not up to ones' standards or hopes, isn't terribly useful or productive.
> I'd hate for FreeBSD to turn into That Other BSD that publically abuses
> and harasses vendors for percieved sleights.  There are much more
> positive and product ways to fix problems and form good relationships,
> and those ways are actively being pursued by some people right now.

The problem is that these pursuits are not public knowlege, and very
often trying to get support through even better than normal channels
(i.e. using your system builder's extra clout) doesn't get you this
info...  The most they tell you is sorry, no support, and we are just
being nice to even tell you this since you're running something else...

I believe that honest information is better than hopes that turn up
fruitless...  I've had no end of issues w/ Intel trying to get them
to fix various issues w/ their cards (SRCU31A and SRCU42L), and they
won't even acknowledge that failing drives due to SELECTION_TIMEOUT,
is a major issue... Due to the fact that SRCU31A is so old, they
haven't qualified the newer 2.42 firmware w/ the card...  We are going
to look at it, since we haven't seen any "failed" hd's on the 2.42

> And here again is my standard disclaimer:
> I highly recommend that anyone who takes their data integrity seriously
> should spend time qualifying any RAID solution that they are interested
> in before putting it into production.  What works for your workload
> might not work for someone else's workload, and vice-versa.

Agreed, luckily we found the hang issue w/ 5.x before we shipped, so
we were saved yet another disaster...

> Patrick M. Hausen wrote:
> >Hello!
> >
> >
> >>'k, just to clarify here ... the new products won't be based on the 
> >>iir(4) driver then?
> >
> >
> >Yes, they won't.
> >
> >
> >>Basically, should the iir(4) driver be considered EOE also?
> >
> >
> >As far as Adaptec and ICP Vortex are concerned, yes. Since the
> >driver is Open Source, there is no enforced EOE, just "orphanage",
> >if nobody is willing to work on it.
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