Hi, I have a sony vaio that used to run windows me. 
the system no longer wants to recognize the restoration cd. 
I am not a microsoft lover so i decided to use something else. 
my cdrom didnt want to read any of the iso's i downloaded 
before like ubuntu, dream linux and so forth. i went to 
the library and found a book tittled "freebsd in 24hrs" 
with companion cd. my pc read the cd and i was able 
to install freebsd i believe version 4 or something 
like that. I am very happy with it but would like 
to update the freebsd.    I tried to get the freebsd to see the internet 
so that i can update from within freebsd but i 
havent been able to get it to see the dsl 
connection that is connected to a linksys router.    I was hoping you can help 
me either set up the 
internet connection in freebsd or at least 
suggest which of the files I should download 
from this xp machine so that i can burn a 
cd and upgrade my freebsd machine. i dont 
know if its alpha, amd or which of the 
files. and also when i select the one 
you may suggest do i click iso link, 
and also..do i burn all the files 
shown for that option? 
i.e. bootonly, cd1, cd2, 
checksum and so forth.    thank you. i hope to hear 
from you soon. i am very happy that my dead pc is alive again. thank you.  
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