Gary Newcombe wrote:
> Fetching 2 new ports or files...
> /usr/libexec/phttpget
> f/ad06d1f7b82db9ebcb496e7d48a754932622f1c8d6166564e61666d059f1b8fd.gz
> f/ad3d51001a264245eab5894cece6c902d073841143e9ffc7ee8379948a44aae3.gz
> 564e61666d059f1b8fd.gz: 200 OK
> fc7ee8379948a44aae3.gz: 200 OK
> gunzip: stdin: not in gzip format
> snapshot is corrupt.

Strange.  I've checked on, and those files are definitely
intact.  Are you using an HTTP proxy?  It's possible that it might have cached
a broken version of those files.  Could you look in /var/db/portsnap and tell
me how large those two files are?

Colin Percival

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