Matthew Seaman wrote:
Note: this is potentially a problem.  If the UID number gets reused for a
different account, that new user will get all the ownership rights to the
old users' files.  It can often be a better policy to disable an old account
-- set the password field in /etc/master.passwd to '!!' and change the shell
to /sbin/nologin -- rather than to delete it.
Before I go trotting off and do this and potentially replace the wrong field, which one is the passwd? tick:$1$CDKLp9qt$sfo5Mi5/dB1uGZUuc5uKk0:1001:1001::0:0:User &:/home/tick:/sbin/nologin
You can also get a report on any 'unowned' files in the weekly periodic
e-mail by adding


to /etc/periodic.conf
Where does it find the email address?
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