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It seems that cups now won't recognise the file: setting, yet previously it did. I checked back through my logs to see if a newer cups port had come out & I'd inadvertently upgraded to it, but it seems that's not the case - it's still 1.2.0 Using the usb: URI always gives the same result - the job starts printing but stops after about 12% and won't go any further.

Any ideas as to why my cups no longer accepts the file: URI?
I'm running FreeBSD 5.11-Release-p2 and my printer is an Epson Stylus C61 on a USB port.


I just checked http://www.cups.org/articles.php?L397 and CUPS is at 1.2.2 already.
I also remember a major problem with 1.2.0. See these threads :


I remember that the severity of the bug was so great that the 1.2.1 update was in the ports in a week or so. I'm not in front of a BSD machine to be sure, but have you upgraded your ports lately? Cups 1.2.1 should at least be there.

Also, I don't think you are running FreeBSD 5.11-Release-p2.... yet! :)

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