David Johnson wrote:
On Friday 04 August 2006 11:47, John Nielsen wrote:

You have the permissions fixed, which was half the solution for me
when I made the upgrade. The other half was to abandon cups' usb
back-end for the time being, since it doesn't work (as well as it
used to). The workaround suggested in an earlier thread on this
subject was to stop cups and manually edit the printers.conf file (in
/usr/local/etc/cups), replacing the "usb:" portion of the printer URI
with "file:". This worked for me and several others, although I
remember posts that it did not work for some.

It works! Thank you!

There is one oddity though. The printer "ready" light flashes as normal, but then the "attention" light flashes. Pressing the "go" button then prints out the job. According to the printer manual, this means either "manual feed" or "continuation error". I suspect that somehow manual feed is getting sent to the printer (even though it isn't set in cups printer options). A minor annoyance, but one I can live with.

I've had this problem when using /dev/ulpt instead of /dev/unlpt. Might be worth a try if you haven't yet.


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