The other day I did a complete rebuild by doing a fresh install/CVsup on 
my office machine and brought it to FreeBSD 6.1 RELEASE-p3.
The box is a Dell Optiplex GX-270.  It is dual booted with Win XP.
I didn't make any changes to the XP.

Previously, if I did a  'shutdown -h now'  it would do the shutdown
and stop with a message on the console saying:

  The Operating system has halted
  Please press any key to reboot

Then I could let it set and either cut the power or hit a key
and make it reboot.

But.    Now, I do the shutdown -h now and it goes down to that
halted state with the same message.    But, when I hit a key
it seems to ignore it and just sits there and seems to do nothing.   
To reboot then, I have to kill the power and turn it back on.

I am not trying to get it to go all the way down to poweroff - 
just sit there and wait for me to hit a key for a reboot - without
doing a poweroff, which worked fine under FreeBSD 4.xxx

Has anyone noticed something like this?   Is it an OS change/bug
or did I probably do something weird when I did the reinstall.
It is more of an annoyance than a big problem, but something isn't

By the way, shutdown -r now seems to work as expected.

Also, on another box I have here - A Dell Precision 330 which is
currently at FreeBSD 6.0 (also dual booted, but with Win-200x) it
seems to work as I expect and as the other one did before the upgrade.

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