On Sat, 5 Aug 2006, John Nielsen wrote:

Here is a sample (working) port. Un-tar the archive under ports/sysutils. It installs the script to ${LOCALBASE}/etc/periodic/monthly and prints a message about how to enable it. Have a look at it, edit all the text entries to make them your own (in particular I didn't do a real pkg-descr), and submit it as a PR (I can assist you with that off-list if you'd like).

Perfect, thanks ... I have commit access to ports, so I can commit it later over the weekend ...

Feature request: the script should output one line of text indicating success or failure (and to remind people who read their periodic e-mails that it's actually running).

I am personally terrible at 'human friendly features', especially when it comes to text ... its why most web pages I design seem ultra-utilitarian unless I talk someone into writing things nicely ...

IMHO, this whole thing isn't meant for my edification, but to provide *us*, as a project, with some overall numbers to advocate/market ourselves better ... *please* feel free to submit any patches to the script that you (or anyone else) feels needs to be added to improve things ...

The more ppl involved, the more successful the endeavor will be ...

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