Ro BGCT wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to FreeBSD and am wondering if someone couldt tell me how to
> properly set /etc/hosts.  Right now it is:
> localhost
> It says to replace "my.domain" with the domain name of my machine.  If
> I am using this box remotely and its hostname is "",
> would I make the change like:
> localhost
> Or am I doing it wrong?

The instructions mean you should edit the line to read:       localhost

Generally if you have a fully qualified domain name eg ''
then 'web1' is frequently referred to as the 'host name' and ''
as the 'domain name'.  It's shorthand, and it's technically not correct[*]
but it's commonly understood.

Don't get too hung up over the /etc/hosts thing.  Arguably it's equally
correct to have just:       localhost

Any extras on that line won't make any noticeable difference at all on
most setups.



[*] In the DNS *everything* (fully qualified or not) is a domain name,
whether it refers to a host, a web site, a whole network or whatever.

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