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>I am trying to use gramofile to get some records made into CD's, but I can 
>not get gramofile to see any input. I can use the mixer and get the line in

>signal out of my PC speakers, so I know that I have signal to my sound 
>card, but gramofile only makes a file with no music. If there is anyone who

The selection of what you hear at the soundcard output and what you
record from the soundcard are different. Try:

mixer =rec line (or line1)

>is using gramofile, please tell me how you configured gramofile or what 
>magic needs to be done to the kernel to make it work. Also I have had 
>problems with gramofile hanging up, it does not respond to any mouse or 
>keyboard input, and I need to do a kill -9 to get out.

I patched the source after unpacking to ask for half the number of
semaphores it wanted (16 rather than 32 I think). You also may want
to add the patches from the author's web page to do the FFT-based
click removal, but you will need to install the fftw libraries before
gramofile will build.

Also gramofile writes the WAV header when the file is created and
does not update it when the recording is complete. The header says
the file is 100 minutes long, which makes seeking in XMMS a little
tricky if it is really only 5 minutes long.

I tend to record a side into, say, side1.wav then check that I have
some samples over 99% but no (or maybe 1) sample at 100%, so I am
reaonably sure I am using the max range of values without clipping.
Then I fix up the wav file using sox:

sox side1.wav side1a.wav

This rewrites the header to reflect the correct length.

Then run the track split detector and create the side1a.wav.tracks
file. Edit this and use XMMS to locate the true start and end times
of each track - gramofile only gets it vaguely right.

Then split the tracks and use CMF IIF to do the click removal.


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