Jonathan Anthony wrote:
When I boot up, it gets to the point when it tries to bring up the ethernet 
card, and then it prints out this error:

DHCPDISCOVER on r10 to port 67 interval 5
Bogus domain search list 15: domain_not_set.invalid (domain_not_set.invalid)
invalid release option - ignoring offer

packet_to_lease failed.

Anyway, I need to get the internet working so I can get more software. Thank 

The DHCP server on your network has not been configured properly. You or your helpful sysadmin (if you have one, your ISP if not) will need to fix that, before trying to obtain a DHCP lease on a client will work right.

Note that using ifconfig and "route add default" to set up your Internet connection manually will work if you know the network config information.


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