> Hello everyone!
> Good Day!
> I am using FreeBSD 6.1/6.x version of Operating System. I plan to
> switch my existing PDC Win2k Advanced server to FreeBSD with the
> power of Samba. Anybody may I know of how would you setup SAMBA as
> PDC in FreeBSD 6.x? I know this is not good question for asking HOWTO
> but the good procedures and right samba configurations might lead me
> up during installation process.
> I am hoping for your kind consideration and favorable response.
> Great many thanks.
> Regards,
> James G. Corteciano


There are good examples on the Samba site. You just have to be aware that
file locations are different on Freebsd and some commands don't exist.
Having said that they are a godd source.


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